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Without a quality web hosting service, you cannot showcase your products and services on the Internet. Web hosting service is therefore a type of web service which lets both individuals and businesses make their site visible online. The web hosting services basically store your site files in high-end computers called servers which are connected to a super fast network. When any user types in your web address, the Internet connects to the server which is hosting your website and transfers the data back to the users computer. The management of these powerful servers and their software, their speed and bandwidth, technical support etc all constitutes web hosting services.

Web hosting services can be of two main types, namely shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In shared web hosting, there are multiple websites hosted by a common server; therefore the server resources are shared jointly by all users. While this hosting option may definitely be cheaper because multiple users bear the cost of resources, this kind of hosting may slow your site down when you get a lot of traffic. Shared hosting is far easier to use but not as flexible because you do not enjoy complete control over the server. In comparison, the second type of web hosting service which is dedicated hosting refers to a system where the server and its resources are dedicated for the exclusive use of any one client. Therefore, the client gets to enjoy complete root access and can customize the server to suits its needs and preferences.

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