There is a revelation that small and medium sized web-based companies are migrating to cloud to save money and enhance business value in terms of revenue and clientele base. This is an evolving technology that has the potential to create a platform that can reduce operational costs and streamline IT infrastructure of businesses without fuss.

The following are those advantages that encourage businesses to adopt cloud include:

Cost savings: Cloud adoption eliminates the hassle of buying expensive IT infrastructure as it frees you up from managing and maintaining IT systems, allowing you to concentrate on your core competency.  

Remote Access: On cloud, you are licensed to access data instantly from any location, anytime.

Scalability: This technology is featured with scalability where you can increase or decrease your storage space as per your needs.
Access to superior technology: Migrating to cloud lets you gain access to high-end applications and computing infrastructure that can help you cater the needs of rapidly changing business landscape.

Improved productivity: There is a revelation that every cloud computing service provider shoulders the responsibility of maintaining and managing IT systems of clients, thereby allowing them to keep focus more on productive tasks in order to boost productivity.

Employee collaboration: With cloud computing, you can collaborate with all your employees through web-enabled devices from anytime, anywhere. Services like web conferencing help employees to conduct or attend meetings or make client presentations.

Improved security: Cloud is very much secure as reputable service providers in association with certified technicians monitor the performance of cloud hosting round-the-clock.

Disaster recovery: Data migrated to cloud is free from theft or tampering and is fireproof. This technology allows you to work offsite in case of disaster, streamlining disaster process to minimize data loss.

All in all, cloud adoption is a good initiative provided that a business wants to expand in terms of revenue and clientele base.