Now a days most of the companies are showing bend towards cloud computing with cautious approach. Testing is one of the emerging areas where companies are willing to invest. Largely due to the cogent characteristics of the Cloud that helps in accomplishing the expected projects within snugging deadlines. Traditionally, testing has been considered an intricate niche as it demands huge and dedicated infrastructure including other resources used intermittently. In fact, in today’s business landscape applications are growing in complexities making it challenging for companies to architect and maintain onsite testing facilities that can map the real-time testing environment. Here, cloud based testing model comes into the picture. 

In broad strokes, cloud has emerged as an optimal solution allowing organizations to meet root-level operational and financial objectives by narrowing down the intensive capital flow. Not only it helps in attaining financial and operational objectives, but also it addresses the ramping needs for advanced test environments. To put simply, cloud benefits extend beyond cost that include on- demand compute resource provisioning, flexibility, accessibility, and faster time to market for specific business products/services.

Now let's understand why organizations prefer cloud-based testing environment and how it helps in connecting the dots:

Inadequate Testing Infrastructure Utilization: Testing is a not a regular activity which can be complimented with preceding environment. It requires new environment to be set up with every new project. A report reveals, infrastructure architected for testing environment gets only 20 to 30% utilized and up to 70% sits indolent consuming space, compute power, etc.

Safe Environment:Testing does not include business-critical data; therefore, moving testing to cloud is a wise decision a business can take.  In fact, the extensive pool of resources that Cloud hosting provides helps businesses to swiftly conduct testing operations with all the requisites available at the click of the button. 

Complex Applications: Testing environments are quite complex. A business needs to ensure that the web applications, browser compatibility, operating systems, updates, hardware configuration, and user experience are all in sync with the software being tested. Doing this job using conventional mode or manually involves heavy capital flow and resources. 

In line with this, cloud enables on-demand provisioning and addresses all the issues in the most complacent way. Also, it helps in reducing efforts and resources that a business can redeploy for core organization pursuits.