Choosing a service provider for cloud hosting in India could be more than a challenging feat. This is more so because of the plethora of choices that would be put forth before you. There would be several aspects to consider before you can actually make a choice. And one of them would be the issue of compliance. When it comes to cloud hosting providers in India and evaluating their deliverables, compliance is one of the aspects that's not given much importance. As a customer, this is one of the gravest mistakes you can possibly make. 

The Truth about Compliance

Often times, checking on compliance norms is just about ticking checkpoints. However, that is hardly enough. It is important to understand that the decision to move all your data to the cloud is a big one. It means that you will have to trust your service provider for cloud hosting in India with all your valuable data. How well they service you will also impact your business processes. Therefore, compliance should be handled with much more focus. We provide a list of do and don't with respect to evaluation of compliance norms.

Dos and Don't for Compliance Norms Testing 

Some of the important directions to follow include:

- Never be of the opinion that you are completely aware of all compliance issues associated with your business. There could be way too many and chances could be that you are unaware of some. It is important to consider your provider for cloud hosting in India as your guide. Discuss your business type with your partner and explain the various processes involved in your business. This is will help them to create a suitable hosting environment for your requirement that does not violate any rules. 

- Never go in for a provider of cloud hosting India who provides sketchy and simple answers to your compliance related queries. Remember, the compliance norms must suit your specific business type. So, your hosting company should have a fair idea of how your business functions and which are the compliance norms that are likely to be necessary. 

- Never consider compliance from a technological point of view. Remember, compliance is more about policies, procedures and access controls. Trusting a service provider for cloud hosting in India that provides suitable technology architecture is not a wise thing to do. So, your key challenge would be to find a cloud hosting provider that is amenable and open to adapting to your own personal protocols and suits your personal practices. 

It is important to make sure that your hosting company possesses the capabilities of segregating your kind of traffic from similar clients. Does it have the capability of building several firewalls within your environment? Does it offer detection services for checking intrusions? Does it have specialized services for log management? Does it provide active reports? These are some of the questions you must ask before bringing a service provider on board. 

It takes time to choose a hosting company that will help you in realizing all the benefits of moving to the cloud.