When thinking of IT solutions, several businesses look for opportunities to cut down capital expenditure, and alleviate the cost of futile IT projects. The challenge internal IT departments face is to give assurance that they have the right investments and infrastructure to meet rapidly changing business needs. However, the crux of the tale is that very few companies are capable of harmonizing the cord. Fortunately, the arrival of cloud hosting services provides turnkey workspace purpose-built for diverse industry verticals with all the Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IasS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be obtained by users from any device at pay-as-you-go models or per user monthly costs.

These days leading cloud hosting service providers offer turnkey cloud hosting solutions that usually carry rich attributes including virtual servers, file storage, email hosting, application hosting and IT management platform to streamline business operations and reduce capital expenditure. Besides, these cloud hosting services are shielded with round-the-clock live help desk support to ensure zero percent downtime of servers even in the event of natural calamities. In simple words, businesses can impeccably shift to the cloud hosted solution, with no downtime and they can store and access mission-critical applications without the fear of being lost or tampered.

There is no denying the fact that a reputable cloud hosting provider always utilizes an external server, avant garde technology and automation to manage clients’ data with the support of fewer human resource. Several research studies reveal that where 50 employees were deployed to monitor 10,000 servers are reduced to surprisingly one staff after the emergence  of cloud computing. This clearly indicates that cloud hosting services are drastically cutting down prices, allowing businesses to appropriately allocate human resources for increased productivity.       

This discussion certainly gives the indication that cloud is fast becoming the sought after asylum of IT infrastructure of businesses. It is something beyond a tool for streamlining business operations; it is the very heart of IT. The time has perfectly ripened to upgrade companies’ on-premises IT maybe little more than a router and a few switches.

The cloud has overshadowed the significance of web hosting and apps and it truly becomes the core of IT.