For most companies, there is no going back on cloud. Cloud has already proved itself to be a disruptive technology. And for those who have not yet made a transition to cloud, time may well be running out.  

Cloud is demonstrating its disruptive power for more reasons than one.

- It is an innovation allowing lower skilled personnel and modest budget enterprises to access utilities that were earlier available only to more skilled and financially better-off entities.

- It is able to target customers at the low end of the market, thereby spread it tentacles over a broader section of industry verticals. 

Enterprise cloud server hosting is enabling companies to quickly access private and public hosting resources on-demand sans the botheration of deploying physical infrastructure. 

But enterprise cloud computing is a special case, requiring fine tuning of provisions. For mission critical operations enterprise class servers and redundant infrastructure is vital. Today, companies and service providers desirous of implementing cloud are facing an assortment of challenges.

Some of these relate to integration of software and hardware components from multiple vendors. However on a generalized note, Enterprise cloud server hosting must address the following key points.

- On the cost side, Information Technology and data center costs must be greatly minimized and must be aligned directly with usage 

-Must allow enterprises to collaborate on innovative ways, because collaboration with business partners is the key to gain a competitive edge across value chains. 

For anyone wanting to build cloud hosting India, there are some basic requirements that must be addressed while creating a cloud strategy. 

These include:

Service management

To provide easy functionality in cloud computing, clients must be offered simple tools to delineate service offerings.  Service offerings are a set of services that clients consume through the provider. These include:

- Resource guarantees like bandwidth, server speed and uptimes
- Resource management
- Billing cycles 

The entire service environment must be such that the services can be deployed quickly and with least effort.


It is critical that while offering cloud, the vendor must not compromise on reliability, security and availability that clients always expected  in the traditional computing environment. 

If the cloud is serving as a test bed for developers for functionalizing new services, then the services must be available 24 x 7 without outages. 

Since most clouds offerings deal with sharing of resources across multiple groups, security in the multi-tenancy environment must be ensured into all operational processes. 

Transparency in reporting

When a client migrates to cloud, performance, service levels, and reporting viewpoints take front stage as these are critical to ensure success of the Enterprise cloud server hosting. Without a high level of customers support and reporting mechanisms, system performance, and billing can become complex. 

Enterprise cloud server hosting must do a lot more besides cost savings. 

It must deliver value to customers. 

There are plenty of changes occurring beyond the borders of the business world. We are in a hyper connected society. Easy to use internet ands social networks are transforming the way people perceive products and services.  

It is heartening that enterprise investment in cloud computing is increasing.