IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service is a provisioning model of cloud hosting in UK wherein users access several virtual machines (VM). Such a system allows them to pay through a utility based pricing model. These cloud server plans house an optimal combination of CPU access, storage, and network.

It is possible to obtain substantial performance heterogeneity in a cloud computing environment.

To Make Things More Clear, Let us Have a Look at the Three Basic Types of Heterogeneity:

Inter - Architecture: It might as well include differences due to system configuration and processor architecture.

Intra - Architecture: It involves many differences within the architecture of processors and systems.

Temporal: This one includes many differences in a single machine which crops up over a long period of time.

Despite the availability of so many features, VM instances are created equally due to the prevalence of discrete underlying hardware contentions. It might cause performance changes across equivalent instances which results in striking inconsistencies during resource assignment.

This is where the concept of customer-controlled placement gaming seeps in. Such a strategy allows customers to exploit performance heterogeneity to lower down costs. You can begin by carrying out measurement studies of cloud computing plans from several providers. After some groundwork, you will be confirmed about the prevalence of oft-reported performance differences between approximately identical instances.

Such a study of cloud hosting would lead you to identify productive targets for placement gaming. Thereafter you can reconnoitre simple heterogeneity-aware placement strategies which would ultimately help you to seek out better-performing instances. While some of these strategies need zero assistance from your cloud provider, they can be easily deployed within very little time.

You also get to develop a formal model of placement strategies for the clean evaluation of potential approaches through real time replication. This would lead you to authenticate the inner effectiveness of cloud strategies. You an also notice a stark performance improvement in your real-world CPU-bound jobs as well as bandwidth-intensive tasks. Such an approach is comprehensively termed as performance heterogeneity in cloud.