More than making service implementation speedy and simple, the cloud is completely transforming business models and ameliorating balance sheets with maximum profit margins and sustainable regular revenue streams. So how does it work exactly?

Cloud communications can seamlessly interlinks managed solution providers. And carriers capture more than 50% of gross margins on the solutions they render. With a network infrastructure and an established client base this can have a substantial effect on the productivity of their businesses.
Here is a rundown of the key benefits that cloud computing offer to businesses:
- New Solutions, New Profit Streams
Cloud communications solutions such as hosted VoIP and unified communications can be instantly integrated into a vendor’s product portfolio to grow and expand the array of services offered to customers. There is marginal cost of offering the service. The user either have to bear no or low capex, while investing in equipment for services rendered by a cloud hosting service provider.
- A Comprehensive Solution
With the right SaaS platform, vendors can instantly and proficiently sell, facilitate, manage, and invoice cloud communications solutions without bearing any upfront expenditure, resources and time on integration of OSS/BSS systems. 
- No Requirement to Resell
Private cloud communication model allows service providers to sell new services directly to customers without reselling third party suppliers. The service provider is able to reinforce their customer relationship and create more value for their brand. This way they are not only able to retain the relationship, but also generate revenue for a long time.
- Over subscription Model
Vendors can triple fold ROI on their existing infrastructure simply bymaking the most of usage on their networks with cloud communications solutions. The total expenditures they have incurred over building their infrastructure can be monetized proficiently through complete utilization capacity.  
Hence, integrate powerful cloud communication solutions in your existing infrastructure and maximize your profit margins.