With the advent of Cloud technology, there are numerous service providers available in the market that are offering cloud computing solutions.

So, lets us quickly understand a few pointers that one must keep in mind while selecting a right service provider for your needs:

-Types of cloud services: Understanding your cloud computing needs will help you in identifying the right service provider to suit your requirements. There are plenty of software based cloud offerings such as drop box, sales force etc. available with the service providers. In fact there are many service providers that offer a range of general purpose computing services as well.

-Pricing Structure: One should also confirm the pricing structure followed by the service provider. Ideally, you should pay only for services that you use, as per the pay - as -you-go model. However, there should be a provision to add the services as and when needed.

-Security of Data: An important point to be kept in mind is to ensure the security of the data stored in cloud. Cloud service providers should employ various standard security measures and keep on updating them on a regular basis. Always look for security measures such as: firewalls, data encryption, anti-virus detection and regular security audits, while picking a cloud hosting provider.

-Customer support services: Without any exception, the technical support service should be made available round the clock. You should also inquire about the average response time, query resolution time and the expertise of the customer care representatives that are available at customer helpline or at live chat support.

By selecting an appropriate cloud hosting service provider, you can access your business information stored in the cloud, from anywhere and at any time using a simple Internet connection.