In the ambit of cloud hosting, India is witnessing a revolution of sorts.

Providers are harnessing cloud computing opportunities to the hilt, as it is proving to be a very lucrative channel for raking in revenue. 

Another compelling reason for tagging on to cloud is the shrinking market for traditional services. Although cloud is presenting itself to be a value added service on top of the traditional service, the utility of the latter over time is expected to wear off.
Yet, some questions remain to be answered.

Is the utility of cloud hyped? 

Is the entire IT segment expected to join the cloud band wagon lock stock and barrel?

A survey indicates that although cloud is forcefully emerging as a disruptive technology, enterprises are cautious to make it a primary IT strategy. 

Yes, there is consensus among experts that cloud is one the best approaches to increase productivity within organizations, but they are also finding sound reasons for companies to continue holding on to their on-premise infrastructures. 

Cloud for all its advantages, has a downside in that the existing customers experience barriers to migrate to another service. It is not as simple as signing up with a new provider. Migration costs can be significant and not to mention the annoying downtime. 

But enterprises know the benefits of cloud far outweigh the drawbacks. 

Without any doubt the cloud is the biggest happening thing in the IT space. 

Via Cloud hosting India is witnessing more companies than ever before storing and accessing data through the internet, rather than through physical drives. 

The spectrum of companies, which are finding cloud computing appealing, now cover both the large and SMB segments.
Small and medium businesses in particular are realizing that cloud computing technology is offering tangible cost benefits over in-house systems for data storage. 
Companies once they learn to addresses issues such as incompatibility with legacy systems, and data security apprehensions, the crux of the lethargy to migrate will be overcome. 

In this regard, new technologies are also helping in driving performance. 

Now SSD or Solid State Drives has made its foray into the storage space through use of non-volatile memory. The upshot of this is faster access to server software. 

No wonder many a SSD server provider is making its mark in the hosting market. 

The competition in cloud hosting space is cutthroat.
With numerous players in the same market segment, cloud computing is offering an opportunity for providers to set apart their services from the competition. 

Moreover, an increasing number of providers are offering enterprise level cloud service putting pressure for other providers to do the same.
In the segment of cloud hosting, India providers are seeing a tremendous opportunity to drive the market and provide leadership. 

Yes it is true the present IT environment demands a clearer picture of the market opportunities available, but the outlook is promising. 
With newer players continuously entering the hosting space, the trend towards cloud is expected to continue for some more years to come.