The Information Technology and the BPO sectors in India have witnessed phenomenal growth during the past decade. And now cloud computing, the disruptive technology is all set to power the Indian IT market by generating new opportunities. 

The Main Drivers for the Appeal of Cloud Computing are:

- It does away with large upfront investments in IT hardware and infrastructure  as IT resources and applications are available via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing

- Increased speed and agility 

- Easy deployability 

The total cloud market in India is already huge, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% during the period 2015-2020. There is good demand for both public and private cloud adoption as we are seeing scores of hosting vendors offering competitive hosting plans to entice discriminating customers.
While it is true we are witnessing some sort of maturing in the market for cloud hosting India is still facing unique challenges. 

Companies are having apprehensions while weighing-in the pros and cons of cloud adoption, particularly in relation to public cloud.
Some of the niggling issues relate to security, uptimes, vendor lock-in, and the need for proximity of datacenters. These issues if not addressed soon may prove to be barriers for future growth. 

There is no any doubt that cloud computing will drive growth of enterprises in the near and medium term.

It is the concept of computing as a utility that is transforming the Information Technology industry. The way computing services are delivered today is revolutionary, in that it is greatly addressing organizations need to stay within budgets. 

Via cloud hosting, India is presented with exceptional opportunities to make software more appealing as a service and is redefining the way IT infrastructure is designed, procured and provisioned. 

As one IT expert rightly pointed, “Now companies can focus on projects that differentiate business, rather than worry about spending on CAPEX heavy infrastructure”. 

With spurt in cloud hosting, India can expect many benefits, especially with respect to the employment market in India. 

As per a report, cloud computing in India has already generated thousands of jobs, and now has the potential to add another 100, 000 in the next few years.

But in the present scenario, it may not be easy for companies to discard their legacy systems. Migrating to cloud is not cakewalk.
As a CIO says, “It is important that companies must identify specific areas of cloud investments. While there is no any doubt that cloud offers many strategic benefits, not all IT environments may be ready to migrate to cloud”. 

Needless to say, Indian organizations need to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy for long term. There seems to be a gap in understanding between the requirements of the enterprises and availability of cloud solutions in the marketplace. 

There is a pressing need to eliminate negative perceptions around cloud computing and pull IT captains towards cloud benefits. 

Fortunately, more companies than ever before are willing to test cloud in their IT environments, and hopefully with success will migrate comprehensively to cloud. 

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