"Cloud-based network is the new trend of IT industry"

When it comes to selection, my preference would be convenience with high performance for my business. According to me; cloud hosting service is the best answer I can think of. And not only me, several organizations are convinced with the idea of using cloud computing for enhanced performance and cost efficiency in their businesses. Independency of virtual network and high availability are the main alluring factors of cloud technology for me or anyone else to choose.

Keeping the specific requirements of users in mind, cloud offers three different types of solutions that include:

-  Private cloud

-  Public cloud

-  Hybrid cloud

So to add on, these three different types of cloud solutions are no rocket science. The terms in themselves are self- explanatory!

Private Cloud can be defined as a single and secured platform that is accessible only to one organization. Public cloud is absolutely a different concept and facilitates multiple clients using the same infrastructure. However, Hybrid cloud is the combination of both types of cloud services.

In other words, a hybrid cloud is a blend of a private cloud combined with the use of public cloud services. This combines all the services and data from a variety of cloud resources to create an integrated, automated and well-managed computing environment.

With passing time, firms are appreciating the need to employ a different approach to cloud services in order to cater to the diversified client requirements in their business. The growing importance of Hybrid Cloud is influencing entire computing industry and businesses are taking more and more leverage of it.

It is plausible that a company is depending on hybrid cloud environment, when:

-  Public development platform is used by a company that sends data to a private cloud or a data center - based application.

-  A firm influences a number of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and moves data between private or data center resources.

-  When a business process is designed as a service with an aim to connect with different environments as though they were a single environment.

As a result, one can easily take control of cloud environment while offloading specific applications or processes to the public cloud as per the requirement. With this approach, performance gets enhanced and better than ever. Additional benefits of different services with zero compromise of security and control is the best part to look forward with Hybrid Cloud services.