Keeping in mind the tough competition that the companies today are forced to face in the market, businesses are banking upon IT services to impel innovation and accelerate the growth of the organization.

Progressively, cloud computing is seizing the market and several IT professionals are of the opinion of using clustered servers. As a result, more and more businesses are moving their business operations to cloud.

But, there are some concerns related to cloud hosting that can impact your business.

So, before moving in "the cloud" one should weigh the pros and cons of this futuristic technology.

Pros of Cloud Computing:

Cost Reduction: Advanced approach of cloud hosting solution reduces paperwork, lowers costs, and minimizes the investment in resources. Moving your business to 'the cloud' also reduces the need for maintaining a full-fledged IT team.

Highly Scalable: Like other utility bills of electricity or water, cloud server allows you to pay only for the used resources. And, you can easily accommodate the increasing server space requirements as per your growing business needs.

Levels the Playing Field: Cloud Service Provider assists the various businesses by providing them the access to more sophisticated technologies available in the market at lower prices.

Easier Collaboration: Services in the cloud can be accessed anytime and from any computer, it's quite easy to collaborate with employees located in distant locations.

Cons of Cloud Computing:

Availability: Your business in such a scenario will rely on your internet connection, which may or may not work properly.

Privacy: There are some security issues that one should bear in mind. Moving your business to cloud can prove devastating without any appropriate technical assistance. As the resources are shared, one might have to compromise with the security of data.

Inflexibility: You need to be careful at the time of choosing cloud hosting services. Since, the cloud is fairly new, its advanced solutions might not be that flexible as you expect them to be and that can also result into data loss.

Despite its disadvantages and the fact that it is still in an infant age, cloud computing is a resilient advanced solution for a business and has great potential to grow in future. One has to do a little bit of homework before making hasty decisions that can impact their business adversely.