Customers have enough of options for website hosting techniques. People, who are novice about web hosting services, should know that website hosting is nothing but purchasing the web space to store the required important data. It is one of the important steps to see your website live on web. As we are discussing about several web hosting techniques, apart from dedicated web hosting server, shared hoisting server, VPS web hosting, one can experience the magic of cloud server hosting. What do you think, which one is better among public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting? Here in this blog, we shall get some hint on which we may decide on the required service.   
Customers' preference lies on the key benefits of the web hosting servers. For example, if someone prefers purchasing public cloud hosting, then he or she must be thinking of these key benefits like; scalability, improved version, advanced resource utilization, cost effectiveness, quick response and finally the capability of expanding the server base. But unfortunately there is no single web hosting service that offers everything. Thus, it is important to select the best hosting service for you which comprises most of these benefits.  
People who are confused about their choices in between private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting, they should first evaluate both these two functionally similar technologies. Then after the proper calculation and assessment they must approach to the best web hosting organization for their web needs. Customers should have a look on each and every detail and also on the specific applications and processes before asking for the cloud server hosting service. There are several factors which one should consider before purchasing the web space. Here in this blog we have pointed some of the important factors:

* Security Factor
* Compliance Factor
* Cost Factor
* Scalability Factor
* Responsive Factor
* Utilization of Resources
* Technical Assistance
* Customer Support

It is fact that these two cloud server hosting options are very close and similar with their supports and strategies. According to some surveys it has been proved that the public cloud hosting can be more secure and can effectively managed. On the other hand technical experts believe that there are always issues regarding the security with public cloud. So, readers who are planning to switch to clouds already they should check the service provider's profile carefully and their services along with the organization history. One should tally their reputation and check the existing customers' testimonials to get a fair idea about their services and the organizations.