Where must we host our data in an environment that is safe, secure and easily accessible?

This is a question every CIO asks in an era where most companies are depending on computing for everything they do. 

With huge amount of data that is transferred on a continuous basis, enterprises look for a source where they can safely park it. 

Companies typically have two options, dedicated server or cloud.

 Cloud Hosting India
Cloud computing allows for a straight forward way to access servers, storage, databases and an assortment of applications. Resources are available on-delivery on pay-as-you-go pricing model. 

And luckily for cloud hosting India has vendors as good as any elsewhere in the world. On the other hand a dedicated server is a server that an entity buys or leases to perform all operations. 

Dedicated server is high-performance, secure and flexible. But it is expensive as well. Choosing between the two is not an easy exercise. Both offer compelling benefits, and both hosting platforms are used extensively by business enterprises lucratively to deliver services to clients. 

But cloud hosting seems to be the trend nowadays. It is finding appeal among CIOs for certain definitive reasons. For one, cloud, forcefully has established itself as a disruptive technology by displacing many legacy systems.   Companies hard pressed for budgets are discovering that cloud is trading capital expense for variable expense.
With a utility set-up, cloud is making available resources to users on a pay–as–you use basis. This is a welcome environment, especially to small and medium businesses that find setting up expensive hardware infrastructure an anathema.    

“We are able to provision tailored resources to operate our projects”, says an IT manager. “We can scale up or down instantly, a feature that is so essential to deliver speed and agility without making a hole in our pockets”. 

Today myriad customers are making use of cloud computing to build their businesses. With many vendors offering cloud hosting India is witnessing unexpected opportunities for IT growth. 

Businesses, with cloud computing platforms are now having the flexibility to build their own applications in a customized way regardless of the industry vertical they are in. 

Seeing this growing opportunity for cloud hosting, India is now having an emergent set of dynamic hosting providers that can offer an all-inclusive set of computing, storage, application and deployment services to power organizations’ growth.  

Now with a cloud server, India can be certain that ecommerce cloud computing solutions are available to small and medium businesses in a flexible, scalable and low cost environment.  

Security was one of the dominant concerns that were preventing companies from migrating to cloud. Fortunately, some of the best cloud web hosts have effectively addressed this issue by making use of numerous third party certifications. 

Moreover, for cloud hosting, India has vendors that can offer services from data centers located at different locations. This flexibility is of a definitive advantage to companies that desire to host ecommerce websites. 

With the expertise of highly skilled professionals and backed by state-of-the-art data centers, for cloud hosting, India can proudly boast of top class proficiency in cloud computing.