In the sphere of cloud hosting, India is surging ahead with a pace that can be the envy of even the seemingly more advanced countries. 

Today we are witnessing even providers that offer traditional services of mobile telephony, internet services and cable TV networks are digging into the opportunities cloud offers. 

The service provider segment is undergoing a lot of convergence. Cable TV operators are offering internet services, and mobile service providers are making available anytime-anywhere data access.  

In short, the internet is now ubiquitous in people’s hands, a scenario that is beckoning service providers to embrace cloud. 

Without any hesitation we can now conclude that in the segment of cloud hosting India vendors will see even sunnier times. 

According to a market forecast, the market for the cloud computing services in India will grow at an enviable CAGR of over 22 % during the period 2015-20. 

    cloud hosting services
The emergence of cloud computing as a disruptive technology is not without solid reasons. 

- It is the outcome of many years of hard research in parallel computing, networking, virtualization and service oriented delivery models. 
- It is a wonderful platform that offers enterprises on-demand and scalable access to a shared pool of resources in a data canter provider’s website. 
- The technology is presenting users with high-quality delivery with low priced services. 

Despite the advantages, cloud computing is beset with challenges. 

These challenges will have to be addressed on an urgent basis, if cloud hosting providers in India want consumers to realize the benefits of cloud to its fullest extent. 

Let us Discuss these One by One. 

Security and Privacy

According to Information Technology experts, security is one of the important concerns preventing more users from adopting cloud. Enterprises are apprehensive of loss of control over data, unpredictable security policies, and assorted nature of the resources. 

Cloud computing is also posing privacy concerns via both external and internal means. External elements, even without authorized access can hack websites. Internal entities, with dubious intentions can gain access to computing systems and compromise on business trust. 


Cloud hosting promises industry standard performance.
Yet, for many enterprises, performance is a cause of concern. Newer entrants are uneasy about how their applications will run on cloud. They are also anxious on whether adequate disk space, CPU speed, and reliable connectivity will be delivered by service providers. 

Frankly, these concerns are somewhat uncalled for. In the domain of cloud hosting India has vendors that deliver excellent performance. 

Availability and Reliability 

In today's business environment, reliability scores over all other considerations. For Enterprises, availability means access to resources on demand. And reliability means absence of disruptions that can cause loss of data and code resets. 

Even though cloud providers have addressed these issues, some organizations are uneasy that there could be shortcomings on these two vital matters. 

Cloud computing is all set to be the future workhorse in the landscape of IT industry. Regardless of the advantages, cloud hosting providers in India must convince those consumers that are hesitant to make an entry into cloud to drop their unfounded fears. Cloud is the way to go when it comes to reliability, performance and interoperability.