VPS hosting offers remarkable capabilities of web hosting administration. In addition to this, you can expect outstanding control, dedicated resources, an isolated environment, and top of the line hardware to support your Virtual Private Server. 

Windows and Linux VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is remarkably distinct from shared and dedicated server hosting. If you are migrating to VPS from shared hosting, then you will have to make a few significant choices. Choosing between the Windows and Linux operating system is an important decision to be made after you have purchased a VPS hosting plan.

The two distinct options of operating systems share multiple similarities and facilitate most of the common fundamental functions. Both the operating systems are able to run applications, support resource scaling, and store mission-critical data. 

These are fundamental features of VPS hosting. Hence we can safely conclude that either of the operating systems can be used for VPS hosting. However, there are few differences that need to be considered in view of getting the most out of your Virtual Private Server as per the applications that are intended to be run. 

The most remarkable differences between Linux and Windows OS are the database languages and scripts. In case you are planning to add specific Windows applications to your site including .NET or ASP languages, Visual Basic, and MS SQL databases, then you will have to choose the Windows operating system. For all other purposes, you will be comfortable using Linux operating system. 

Attributes of Linux VPS Hosting

Linux is an open-source computer operating system that powers seventy percent of web servers across the globe. It is considered a cost-efficient stable and secure alternative to the Windows operating system. Thanks to the amazing community support and frequent upgrades, Linux operating system is reputed to be a reliable, powerful, and stable choice. 

Linux VPS hosting is the most sought-after solution to run open source applications including forums, content management systems, and online stores among others. Whether you are using Perl, PHP, MySQL, or WordPress, Linux operating system has you covered. 

Thanks to the open-source Linux operating system, you can use the same without repeated costs required for purchasing licenses. It offers excellent compatibility with PHP and a ton of other open-source applications. Linux VPS is also comfortable with cPanel and with SSH Access, one can enjoy far better controls with a lesser load on the server than its Windows counterpart. 

On the other hand, the Linux operating system requires users to have sufficient technical proficiency since its learning curve is slightly steeper. You will have to be familiar with SSH Access since it is not as user friendly as the Windows interface. 

Windows VPS Hosting

The most remarkable benefit of using the Windows operating system for VPS hosting is its intuitive interface that simplifies hosting related operations. Windows operating system for VPS is your clear choice if your business processes are designed to depend on Microsoft applications for example, if you wish to design your website with ASP.NET framework, then you will have to choose Windows operating system for the topmost performance. 

Another remarkable advantage of Windows VPS hosting is the ability to operate a remote desktop. It facilitates seamless access to the VPS hosting via an intuitive interface. Unlike Linux OS that needs Secure Shell protocol for server management, Windows enables easy and hassle-free option to manage server operations. 

In terms of the control panel, Windows operating system is managed via the Plesk control panel, unlike Linux OS that is managed through a more familiar cPanel. Windows operating system scores over Linux in terms of user comfort, thanks to its intuitive GUI. 

When to choose Windows VPS hosting?

So many OS options with your VPS host but there is the only one that is the best operating system for VPS. So stop bumping your mind with the availability of plenty of options. Not all business websites can run in all kinds of environments. Some applications especially require Windows and are the best VPS OS. Apart from being associated with a trustworthy name, Windows VPS has some amazing features that make it stand apart from all other OS. Here are some situations or times when you must choose Windows as your preferred OS for the VPS server-

With the right setup, Windows has proved itself to be the most secured kind of server. So if you don’t want to compromise on the security part then Windows is the best OS for the VPS server

When your applications run on ASP.NET, MySQL, MS Access, etc. then Windows has been specifically designed in a way to handle such applications.

When you need FTP access to transfer your files from your computers to a network and vice versa. FTP access also allows you to access online software archives. 

When you want easiness in your working style then Windows is the best VPS operating system. Windows mostly use Plesk as its preferred control panel. Plesk is a proven user-friendly interface out of many control panels. 

When you also look for world-class IT support. There are no doubts about the IT support of Windows as it is backed up by Microsoft. 

When you don’t have any budget constraints as Windows is a little expensive as compared to Linux VPS hosting. It involves a licensing fee along with other charges. 

When to choose Linux VPS hosting?

The user base of Windows and Linux can be completely different depending on the type of requirement. Just as Windows, Linux also guarantees improved efficiency along with all the other benefits of a VPS host. But there are specific times when Linux as OS is preferred-

When you are not able to provide that many resources then Linux is the best VPS OS for you. 

When you want to avoid daily rebooting as it becomes hectic with high workloads.

When you want to have administrative and security privileges, Linux is the best VPS operating system.

When you need more flexibility, Linux is an open-source platform.

When you want to use a trustworthy control panel like cPanel. 

When you need both FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell) access. 


This has been one of the most continued debates with no clear winner as yet. Linux and Windows have their own ideal use case scenarios. Based on the choices and preferences, individuals and businesses can go with any of the operating systems for the VPS. A reliable operating system is all you need for the VPS hosting that you have purchased from a reputed hosting company. Make sure you do detailed research before choosing Windows or Linux operating systems.

VPS offers remarkable features when it comes to web hosting administration. Moreover, you can have better control over the server resources and have an isolated environment. However, out of the two operating systems, there is no clear winner that can fulfill the requirements of each user. As per the choices and needs, one can go with any of the OS that can satisfy the needs of the individual or company. However, conduct deep research before purchasing any of the two operating systems.

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