Objective of every website is to attract visitors and the number of visitors hitting the site at any moment is termed as website traffic. If you have a website that that compels thousands of visitors, then it must be backed by a powerful server and equally efficient hosting plan such as a Linux VPS hosting plan. Linux plans are also sought after by websites that are designed to attract huge traffic of visitors.

VPS server hosting facilitates excellent control if it is supported with Linux operating system. Knowledge of Linux VPS hosting India can facilitate decision making process if you are looking for a right option to support your high traffic website.

Basic knowledge of Linux VPS

Virtual Private Server with a Linux operating system is termed as a Linux VPS and is denotes a virtual server which uses a standalone physical server as its host. VPS also leverages memory of its host server. One host server can concurrently support operations of many virtual servers.

Shared resources and performance of a website

There are a number of myths associated with VPS hosting plans. Although, a website running on a VPS server hosting is sharing host server’s resources with other websites, it does not mean that performance of individual users is going to be compromised. This is due to the fact that every virtual server has individual administration controls and is designed to operate independent applications, data, and other systems.

A VPS hosting plan with Linux operating system allows users to enjoy all premium benefits of a dedicated server plan without the prohibitive costs that are usually associated with dedicated servers.

Advantages of a Linux VPS Hosting Plan

In addition to its extremely easy operations, a Linux VPS hosting solution can be of great advantage in number of ways. The most attractive benefit of a Linux VPS plan is its high affordability. Linux VPS hosting is also regarded for its reliability and enhanced security in comparison with shared hosting plans.

A Virtual Private Server is the most preferred choice of designers and web developers due to its amazing flexibility. Thanks to the isolated existence of every virtual private server, users can install applications as well as operating system of their choice.

It is easy to alter or customize a VPS environment to suit individual hosting preferences and to enhance end user experience. A complete root access to server is available with few reputed web hosting service providers so that users are able to implement changes and modifications in VPS environment.

Is Linux VPS an ideal solution for me?

Of course, yes. Everyone can adopt a Linux VPS hosting solution irrespective of size or complexity of the website. Linux VPS is designed to cater to all individual site owners as well as large enterprises that are expecting a healthy traffic in addition to availability of controls and privacy.

Excellent customizability and adaptability make Linux VPS hosting plans the most preferred choices of businesses as well as individual web developers alike. In short, a Linux VPS hosting plan is for everyone who wants to run high performance website without paying exorbitantly.

How about technical complexities of Linux VPS

If you lack the in-depth technical knowledge of Linux VPS administration, then Managed Linux VPS plans are designed just for you. Your web hosting provider can provide you a comprehensive hosting support that includes server configuration, OS installation, and a reliable technical support as well.

Users with limited or no practical and technical knowledge of server management can be benefitted by managed Linux VPS hosting plans. Web hosts can also empower such users with access to an intuitive interface that facilitates ease of server management.

Differences between VPS and dedicated server

Virtual compartmentalization of a physical server yields a virtual server and since it possible to build more than one virtual private server on a single server, users of VPS plans can enjoy benefits of cost efficient hosting. Use of a Linux operating system to run a Virtual Private Server further enhances the cost advantage since Linux OS is much cheaper than Windows operating systems.

Virtual Private Servers are built by using host servers with greater capacity than a dedicated server. This explains why most of the VPS servers are found to deliver better performance than dedicated servers.

Migration from shared hosting to VPS plans

Process of moving to a Linux VPS ecosystem from shared plans is simple and can be achieved by following easy steps. However, if you happen to be a novice, then your web hosts can help you accomplish the migration without any additional expenses.

Ideally, you need to choose a host that provides free migration to Linux VPS hosting. These hosts are not only reputed for providing expert technical assistance on round the clock basis, but are also adept at resolving all your hosting issues with a swift turnaround.


There is no doubt that Linux VPS hosting is the right hosting solution for most of us. It can easily fulfill all the requirements like enhancing customer experience, excellent customizability, and adaptability that too at affordable prices. All these features make Linux VPS hosting a suitable hosting solution for most individuals out there. You can also add Linux VPS hosting to your bucket list if you plan to purchase any hosting solution.

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