Today businesses are spoilt for choices when it comes to web hosting solutions. Since the market is flooded with a variety of web hosting plans, it is important to research carefully before you sign up for any. When you own a business, you will need a site which can successfully showcase your products to a target audience. So any kind of glitch in hosting or insufficient resources or low site speed may affect the performance of the website and keep visitors away. This is why choosing the right kind of web hosting plan is imperative if you must keep your site up and running at all times. In VPS hosting, a physical server is compartmentalized to create many virtual private servers, each capable of functioning independent of the others.

How is VPS Hosting a Good Web Hosting Solution For SMBs?

With VPS server hosting, you can have total access to the server; you get to reboot the server if needed and you are even free to install your own OS and custom software and applications. So, you can enjoy a high degree of control and flexibility with virtual servers at much lower costs than if you were to buy a dedicated server. However, choosing the right VPS plan is also an important task which should not be carried out in haste. You can choose either Windows VPS plans or Linux VPS plans depending on the nature of applications you plan to deploy on the site. Both these types of VPS hosting plans have many takers and huge client bases but it is advisable to weigh their pros and cons before you take a decision.

What are The Types of VPS Plans You Can Choose From?

Windows VPS plans have many clients simply because of the familiarity these offer. It offers a wide range of useful tools for website administrators and is perfect for sites that run MS SQL databases and ASP technologies. But it is important to be aware of the renditions of Windows being offered to you as all applications may not work in every version or may work in a defective way. It is also important to ensure that the provider is capable of offering you specialized help whenever needed.

Linux VPS hosting is another popular option for the small or medium sized businesses which benefit greatly from VPS hosting. These Linux servers are regarded as being more secure than Windows servers and they are also highly affordable because Linux is an open source system. It is easy to use, secure and stable although it is not equipped to accommodate a GUI framework. When you have just started out building a website, you can easily sign up for shared hosting plans which are not only cheap, but also highly effective. With shared hosting, it is indeed possible to get as many resources as you need. The shared plans are also pocket-friendly and you will not require a great deal of technical expertise or knowledge to get started. However, once the site begins to grow, you may need to upgrade to VPS hosting.

When is The Right Time to Get VPS Hosting?

When you find that in spite of your best efforts at shared hosting, the site speed is sluggish you should consider VPS hosting. This is most noticeable when you find your website slowing down during traffic peaks.

When you find that the site is getting too many internal server error messages and keeps experiencing downtime you should opt for VPS plans. When troubleshooting fails to resolve the common errors, it is an indication that the shared hosting plan you have is insufficient.

Finally, if you find that with the site becoming more and more popular, hacking becomes more frequent, you need to upgrade the plans. A popular site is typically a target for hackers and when you notice that the site is coming under frequent hacking attacks, maybe the time it right for a change to VPS solutions.

It is interesting to see how VPS hosting has grown into one of the most reliable and effective web hosting solutions. Both managed hosting and VPS hosting are seen to provide far more benefits compared to shared hosting plans. But, VPS hosting is a better choice when you are a tech savvy user as you will not have any inhibitions about managing your server independently.

VPS hosting is also perfect for business owners who desire greater flexibility and freedom to install custom application or configure the server settings to suit their own requirements. In contrast, managed hosting is ideal for business owners who do not have any desire to manage their servers or bother themselves with technicalities of server management. It is good for those who have no need for custom software and neither any wish to configure their servers in non-standard ways.


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