Growth is the raison d'être of any business and growth leads to requirement of additional resources especially for a business website. This is one of the commonest reasons for leaving shared hosting and moving on to VPS or dedicated hosting. Ideally, one should think of VPS hosting instead of jumping to an expensive hosting such as dedicated hosting unless the applications demand such resource.

Popularity of Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting is the most frequently sought after hosting solution by growing businesses due to its affordability and stability. This is because of availability of large spectrum of features and cost efficiency that makes Linux VPS a perfect intermediate hosting between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Linux is almost at par with dedicated server hosting in terms of server control and freedom of choosing and configuring the operating system for catering to individual hosting needs. Users of VPS hosting are allowed root access to server’s resources with access to the power of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP server).

With availability of WHM control panel with most of the established hosting service providers, one can easily build shared hosting services and offer reseller accounts to clients.

The greatest advantage of Linux VPS hosting is a complete absence of noisy neighbors that would disrupt your hosting operations. A Linux VPS hosting account need not face any interference from the other users even if these are residing on the same server.

Improved availability of resources is essential for an enhanced website performance. Similar to a dedicated server hosting, Linux VPS users are empowered with seamless root access and far greater resources than entry level hosting including reseller hosting or shared hosting.

Affordable Linux VPS Hosting

Since Linux is open source operating system, users find it to be highly feasible due to absence of periodic expenses for licensing and so forth. This also underlines the reason why so many startups and small enterprises prefer using Linux VPS hosting over a dedicated server hosting.

Linux can be downloaded for free without need to pay license fees. It is therefore a more cost effective option than Windows operating system that requires users to purchase a license and thus saves significant amount of expenses. 


Outstanding Security

Users of Linux VPS are more at peace with their operating system because of remarkable security of Linux. The reason for greater security of Linux distributions is the support of its extensive and lively community, which is constantly engaged in fortifying the operating system with help of updates as well as security patches that are developed by members of Linux community.

Linux also boasts of a robust infrastructure that provides seamless protection from broad range of malware, viruses, and spyware just to name a few. Hence, Linux deserves to be your choice operating system for securing your mission critical data and applications from unwelcome intruders.

Explore Wide Range of Design Tools

Whether you are planning to implement am operating system for designing or managing a business website, Linux has you covered since a huge array of open source software tools operate seamlessly with Linux software system.

These programs include Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and a broad array of open source applications that deliver exceptional performance when hosted via a Linux platform. Needless to mention, Linux supports many common website building programs such as MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

Superior Configurability

You will be helped by your Linux hosting provider in terms of an end to end support for your Linux operating system. This will facilitate website owners to focus on their business priorities without getting bogged down by server related issues or technical glitches regarding operating system.

Since Linux VPS is considered as an intermediate hosting platform, it prepares users to move on to the next level of hosting. In addition to this a Linux VPS system allows you to design your own nameservers instead of utilizing the ones provided by a hosting service provider.

This is especially useful for resellers who can configure exclusive client accounts for better branding of their businesses. Moreover, it also facilitates movement to a new server without any hassles. Linux hosting also allows users to select either Redirect or Park for management of domains.

Linux VPS can be a right choice for ensuring seamless configurability for users who need to manage several domains as well as websites.

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