It’s very difficult to find a suitable cheap Windows VPS hosting server, but once you have to find the one then it’s important to keep it in a good state. As Windows VPS hosting is good at providing you with the services that are promised by a dedicated server hosting. But the best part is that the cost is quite less when compared to a dedicated server hosting plan. 

Although most of the Windows VPS hosting plans are stable, secured, and reliable when operated under, MYSQL, etc. They run on world-class network plans to promise 99.99% of SLA uptime. The lightning-fast speed that is only delivered by dedicated servers can be easily expected out from your cheap Windows VPS hosting but it needs little effort from your end as well. A little bit of optimizations can lead your Windows VPS host to deliver outstanding performance. Not only in performance, such optimizations reduce the overall costs for such hosting companies as well as for you as a user of the server.

Unlike a shared server there are no problems like reduced downtime, unnecessary lags, illegal intrusion, etc. But there can be times when due to the laidback behavior of your Windows VPS hosting provider can be compromised with the quality, speed, stability, etc. All of this hampers the VPS server performance delivery. The obstacles that can impact the overall performance are- 

  • Faulty software installation
  • VPS management
  • Unpromising stability
  • Careless online monitoring
  • Late execution time
  • Inconvenient different clusters
  • No timely backups

These are some of the problems that occur very frequently and can create bigger problems in the long run. To avoid those bigger issues in the future, your cheap Windows VPS hosting server should be ready in the present. Here are some of the steps following which will benefit the performance level of your server-

1. Continuous monitor performance – It might sound like big of a task but equally necessary for you as a user to have a constant monitor on the performance of the Windows VPS host. One has to test the performance of the applications running on the Windows VPS server. There are times when there can occur unavoidable software clashes that slow down the working of the whole system. Such clashes can be dealt with constant monitoring and can be pre-known. Other factors that lead to the poor performance of your cheap Windows VPS hosting server are errors associated with the hardware, less storage space, running low on bandwidth, etc. Resolving such issues at an early stage is always beneficial and will cut out on a lot of costs. These situations can be best dealt with by increasing the storage space and also the     costs would be more if this expansion is delayed. 

2. Focusing on the Apache performance- The VPS environment asks for an outstanding management module. Therefore, a dynamic management module is preferred over a static one. This is because a dynamic module is flexible enough to allow only those resources to be in a working state when they are actually required. Due to this less number of resources run at a time and thus saves the other resources for other times. All of this leads to better performance of these applications through the enhanced speed of the server. When only the useful Apache functions are into use then the performance of your cheap Windows VPS hosting automatically tends to improve. Completely disabling some of Apache’s functionalities also helps in improving the performance to a whole new level. 

3. Eliminating the unnecessary applications- The Windows VPS hosting providers generally include unnecessary applications that are of no use to you. Getting rid of such applications instantly improves the page loading times and makes your Windows VPS hosting platform smarter and more efficient. Also when MySQL is combined with your Apache software slows down many of the systems when there is a lack of resources. When this doesn’t work then decreasing the key buffer size works in the direction of the betterment of the performance. If this also doesn’t work, then moving the database to a whole new server also reduces the workload.

4. Optimization of the content- This is one of the significant ways to boost the performance of your cheap Windows VPS hosting. You would find some of the unused scripts and plugins that also do not have any use in the future. But if they are needed for the proper functioning of your website then problems like heavy imaging should be dealt with. Such necessary content must be optimized before been loaded as it can become responsible for hampering the VPS server performance. You can make use of some of the readily available online tools. These tools will analyze your content and will edit it accordingly. They also have in-build speed-enhancing and performance measuring features. You also need not locate the details where the optimization is required, these tools will also do this for you. In short with the use of these tools, the content on your website gets completely optimized. 

5. Apply to cache- Some of the static files hosted on the cheap Windows VPS hosting can come into use anytime. Due to this the functionality of your website slows down. This is all due to the sudden demand for extra resources. The solution to this problem is a suitable caching software that will improve the speed instantly and especially for database-centric websites. So it is needless to say that how much caching is important and what changes it can bring into your website’s performance.  

6. Timely upgradation of MySQL- It is equally very important to keep updating the version of MySQL. It is useless to MySQL version less than 5.1 as it may only decrease the performance and reduce the overall turnover. For this, it is very important to keep updating the version of MySQL. Like for example, the current and latest version of MySQL is MySQL 8.0. To check the current version of MySQL you just need a simple command-

7. Make use of a CDN- CDN or a Content Delivery Network helps your data to free flow across the complete internet zone. It stores all of your static content and not all at the same place. This is because storing the data in a single geographical location can lead to the loss of data even of a single natural disaster. This also helps in the quick extraction of the data when asked for. All of this makes your website load quickly. Thus a CDN lowers the load on your current cheap Windows VPS hosting server. The server can now focus on its core responsibilities and your overall services will get better. 

Once you implement all of these ways, improvement in the performance of your website is guaranteed. There are some other ways as well but would not be needed once the enlisted ones are in place. So try out these steps on your Windows VPS server host and experience the speedy, efficient, and smoother performance of your website. Not only on your end, your users and website visitors will also give good reviews and will stay happy with the service they are getting in return. So leave all your worries and get ready to implement these tips.  

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