You need not spend a fortune to empower your mission critical website with a high performance web hosting resource. A Windows VPS server is designed to strike a right balance between unmatched performance and amazing cost efficiency.

Factors That Necessitate VPS Hosting

It is common for websites to begin their online journey with help of shared hosting. However, as the time progresses, a website may start experiencing traffic spikes that could possibly impact performance of website leading to slow loading pages. This is the time one should think of migrating to a Windows VPS hosting solution rather than getting stuck into shared hosting environment.

Thanks to the virtualization technology which is a foundation of VPS hosting, it enables users to enjoy exclusive resources of a virtual server in addition to privacy of hosting. This environment is similar to a dedicated server infrastructure. Multi-tenant architecture of VPS is comparable with that of shared hosting but it does not force your website to face resource shortage due to unexpected consumption by neighboring sites. These vital advantages of VPS hosting make it the most favorite option for development or applications as well as for hosting business websites.

Relevance of Windows VPS hosting

Isolated hosting environment is the key highlight of Windows VPS solution, which differentiates it from a shared hosting arrangement. When a Virtual Private Server is being operated with Windows Operating System, the hosting infrastructure is termed as Windows VPS hosting.

The option to use Windows OS instead of Linux Operating System is justified due to the simplicity and user-friendly features of Windows by Microsoft. Almost every IT professional or software engineer is familiar with Windows products that are being constantly upgraded to address technological developments and changing preferences of modern organizations.

There are many salient features of Windows hosting in addition to cost efficiency when compared with dedicated hosting platform. One should also analyze site requirements in terms of business applications such as scalability, security, and so forth before choosing a Windows VPS or a dedicated server hosting plan.

A Windows VPS solution is ideal for uploading moderately higher sizes of data including media files that must be supported by sufficient bandwidth and storage. VPS hosting can also be a great option for running ecommerce portals with facilities to handle payment processing.

Microsoft is a trusted and reputed name that guarantees smooth performance of Windows VPS hosting. In order to improve flexibility and scalability of server, Microsoft is regularly adding newer applications to the operating system.

Using Windows OS for VPS

Connecting VPS hosting to Windows from a Windows PC requires a step by step approach because VPS can only be connected with help of Secure Shell program that is designed to run on VPS server. Since Windows computers lack feature of SSH unlike Linux PCs, a special program called as PuTTY is necessary. This program requires a right installer to be run as per the specifications of system.

By providing the right path, PuTTY is installed along with additional applications. Once PuTTY is launched in the desired location you will be presented with a new Window that exhibits a list of settings that can be changed by user. It needs to be mentioned that there is hardly any need to alter the settings if you are using a normal mode.

Configuring PuTTY is relatively a simple and straightforward task there is a preset port 22 box with option to enter IP address and another box for SSH. The control panel is assigned for creation of VPS hosting and subsequent entry of IP address and a password which has been provided to you.

Then you will be presented with a security alert because the host key of the server that you are about to be connected is not identified by PuTTY, which is logical and normal. The security alert is actually warning that the right server may not be identified by PuTTY. It also underlines the fact that the host key of relevant server needs to be cached in the host registry of PuTTY.

Obviously, the security alert will only appear again if you have incorporated a change of host key to facilitate reinstall due to any reason whatsoever. Once you have understood the importance of the warning, the next step is to login as root. In the black window that appears, you will have to enter username with help of a green cursor. The root is nothing but your username if the second username is not separately notified via control panel. Password is the next step and the same is provided in control panel itself. Access the PuTTY window to paste this password to login into the server. The terminal prompt is the sign that enables server operations.

In Conclusion

Windows VPS hosting plans from reputed service providers guarantee utmost scalability as well as flexibility of hosting while saving significant financial resources.


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