VPS hosting is unique in the sense that it make use of virtualization technologies, unlike shared or dedicated hosting. So, a single server is compartmentalized to create many private servers. So, a single piece of hardware basically acts like many distinct servers. In VPS, the word “private” clearly signifies that you will not need to share resources like memory or CPU or bandwidth with any other user.

How Is VPS Hosting Different From Shared And Dedicated Hosting?

When you plan on signing up for VPS hosting in India, it is important to understand the benefits you will enjoy from VPS plans vis-à-vis shared or dedicated hosting plans. Unlike in shared hosting, the most common type of hosting plan and also the most pocket-friendly one, you will not have to share server resources like RAM and CPU. Shared hosting involves some limitations because where there is traffic spikes, resource sharing with multiple neighbors can cause your site speed to slow down. If you compare VPS hosting with dedicated hosting, you will see that it is far less costly.

You are given root access to these virtual servers. You are free to use custom software to cater to your individual needs. Dedicated hosting plans appear to be best suited for businesses which have many technical demands and which get a lot of website traffic each day. VPS hosting allows you to get almost all benefits of dedicated hosting for far lower prices.

Things To Consider Before You Buy VPS Plans In India:

You must understand that when you buy VPS plans in India, there are some important factors to look into. Many providers claim to offer excellent VPS packages but you need to verify their credentials and ensure that these plans cater to your specific business needs.

- To begin with, you will need to decide between choosing managed and unmanaged VPS solutions. Unmanaged solutions are less costly but demand a lot of technical expertise and experience. But if you sign up for fully-managed solutions, you can ensure that your provider troubleshoots all your technical problems.

- When you are looking to sign up for VPS plans in India, you must also ensure that the host is able to give you round-the-clock supports. There are free trial options which will allow you to check a vendor’s services before you pay for these.

- When you are running an ecommerce site where you will sell products, you will need SSL certification. So, you must look for a provider which can help you through this process. It should have skilled and experienced staff which is well-versed with such certifications.

- You will also need a provider that can conduct regular backups. The provider should also implement stringent security measures to make sure there are no data breaches.

When Should You Choose VPS Hosting?

- When you find that the security features in your existing hosting plans are not enough and you desire to enjoy more advanced monitoring power, better backup space, enhanced reliability etc, you should look for VPS plans.

- When you have just started out and do not get much web traffic, a shared hosting plan will suffice. But, when the traffic to the site grows you may need to upgrade. You will not want to lose out on customers because of a slow-moving website. At times, there may be server crashes too because of sudden traffic spikes which make upgrading to VPS a must.

- If you realize that the site is running slow continuously you will not be able to scale up the resources. As the site grows and more content gets added, there will be a corresponding decrease in loading speed. When you upgrade to VPS this problem is resolved.

- When you run an online store, it is necessary to choose VPS. This will give you the kind of security you need to pass a compliance test. The PCI DSS has been set up big brands to prevent credit card thefts. So, for sites accepting credit card payments online, it is necessary to have high-end security to protect clients’ financial data. This is why choosing a VPS makes more sense for smaller ecommerce businesses.

- For companies which may need to install customized software VPS is a good option. Shared hosting is fine for site owners which want standard programs and regular WordPress plugins. But, when there is need for custom software or custom server configurations, VPS plans are necessary as these will grant you root access. So, bookkeeping or billing programs need to be available online at all times and to run optimally, VPS or dedicated servers are needed.

- When you notice that there are frequent server error messages appearing on the screen, it is an indication that your buyers are also viewing these and more likely to leave the site. You cannot allow these errors to show when you run an ecommerce store. Website uptime is of utmost importance and you need VPS plans for this.

- Finally, for those working on a tight budget, VPS is an excellent option because these servers are less costly than dedicated ones but guarantee almost the same benefits.


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