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Internet Protocol Suite

What is Internet Protocol Suite?

The internet protocol suite is the computer networking model which is commonly known as TCP/IP model, because TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol)were the two fundamental protocols included in the internet protocol suite. It is a term used to describe the set of communication protocols developed individually by an IT community, for the purpose of communication over networks.

The term internet protocol suite as a whole consists of a set of communication protocols that operate in a network layer. It was originally known as DoD model, because the development of internet protocol suite was funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). TCP/IP model provides end-to-end connectivity by ensuring how data should be pocketed, addressed, transmitted, routed and received at the destination point. This comprehensive functionality is organized into four abstracted layers namely Physical layer, Internet Layer, Transport layer, Application Layer, which are used to sort all related protocol issues affecting the transmission of data.

Working of layers:

Higher layers involved in network protocol suite deal with more abstract data, relying on lower layers to convert the data into forms that can be physically manipulated for transmission. The physical layer or(network layer), containing communication technologies for a single network segment; the internet layer, is responsible for connecting hosts across independent networks, thereby establishing internet working; the transport layer is providing host-to-host communication and the application layer is responsible for process-to-process application data exchange.

Advantages of Internet Protocol Suite

Here are the key advantages of the internet protocol suite:

·         Scalability

·         Stability

·         Reliability

·         Interoperability

·         Easy to understand

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