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What is ISPConfig?

ISPConfig is a Linux based and open source control panel solution for ease of administering sites. It is regarded for its user friendly interface that facilitates implementation of tasks that involve creating or adding websites. It provides exclusive options such as reseller, administrator, email specific user, or client.

Control panels such as ISPConfig work as online interfaces for facilitating simplified management of server related tasks. These Web-based control panels are offered as part of hosting plans and can also be offered as an additional facility. ISPConfig is available as a free download. It also has a built-in monitoring facility to alert users about resource requirement or server issues.

ISPConfig can be used across different countries since there is seamless support for twenty international languages. It is also a popular choice of resellers for ease of managing multiple accounts on several virtual or physical servers.

ISPConfig is extremely reliable software that facilitates the ease of getting started and tapping into its vast resources whenever needed. It provides excellent support for easy management of websites, servers, DNS records, and email among others. It supports FTP access, Cron jobs, email management, Web traffic stats, and much more.

ISPConfig can be used for management of a single server or it can also be used to maintain multiple servers including virtual as well as physical servers. ISPConfig facilitates single or multiple server management and is capable of being installed on all types of servers. ISPConfig offers tiered access levels for clients, resellers, and administrators.

ISPConfig is an ideal control panel solution for setting up individual web hosting service. It allows users to establish direct control on websites. In addition to DNS, websites, and email management, ISPConfig facilitates efficient management of File Transfer Protocol, MySQL databases, shell use, Internet Protocol, and Cron jobs to name a few. 

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