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IoT (Internet of Things) are devices that are used to connect the physical objects with the internet and thereby use the data produced to increase efficiency and productivity.  The T (Things) in IoT is a vast term and can be used in any context for example – a human with heart monitor, sensors or similar things connected to signals, automobiles and more to capture some important information.

AWS IoT is a huge platform which enables the users to connect different devices to the managed AWS services and acquire information to interact and connect even when they are not connected to the internet.
AWS IoT Features:

1- AWS IoT Device SDK: It enables users to connect their PC or mobile devices to the AWS IoT Core. Several protocols like the WebSockets, MQTT, or HTTP can be used to connect, exchange, and authenticate messages and information the user equipment with AWS IoT. The Device SDK is compatible with JavaScript, C, and Arduino. It includes client libraries, developer guide, and porting guide for manufacturers and vendors.
2- Device Gateway: It is the first point of connection between the user device and AWS. The Device Gateway handles all the connections and applies semantics for multiple protocols to enable a secure and efficient communication with the AWS IoT Core.
3- Message Broker: It is used to transmit messages securely between the user device and AWS without any latency. It can handle communications to a single device or numerous systems at one single time.
4- Authentication and Authorization: AWS ensures two-way authentication in an encrypted manner so that any communication being exchanged between AWS and a device is done with proven identity.
5- Registry: It creates an identity for devices and keeps a track of their features and functions.
6- Device Shadow: Users can create a virtual version (Device Shadow) of every device being used. It will enable them to read the information and interact with the device.

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