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Virtual Host

 A Virtual Host, or vhost, provides web services like server functions and internet connection. Some organizations do not want to set up and maintain their own internet connection and servers and they avail the services of a virtual host.

The term virtual host takes its name from the fact that the resources and the infrastructure needed to setup a hosting environment is not available at the client’s end but exists at a remote location, hence the name ‘.virtual’

A virtual host provides the following services to the client:


• Domain name registration

• File storage

Email services

• Directory services for the files the webpages are built from

• Website design and creation (if the customer wants)


Virtual hosting has gained too much credibility since the dawn of the cloud. Organizations that need added control, but lack the financial resources to do so, most often prefer setting up a virtual host. The business is particularly popular in south Asia and multiple vHosts in India have emerged, catering to both national as well as international clients.

Some virtual hosts also offer colocation services along with providing dedicated servers on rent to their clients.

Virtual hosting is much cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is the best for small ecommerce businesses’ websites that receive a fair amount of traffic. In fact, many mid-sized companies also go in for virtual hosting if they have an IT on staff since along with handling the website business better, any changes can be implemented fairly quickly.


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