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VPN Cloud Hub offers secure communication amid data centers utilizing a hub-and-spoke ideal along with VPC architecture. The VPN Cloud Hub allows connection to the administrative data centers, be it cloud or on-premises to work as part of private network. Single networks can utilize TLS or IPsec in software or hardware.
It permits your remote websites to connect with each other over the VPN tunnels created in between the remote sites and Virtual Private Gateway. You can utilize the Virtual Private Gateway in order to interconnect with the remote websites or you could connect VPG with the VPC to permit for connection in between applications and remote sites. You can use the VPN Cloud Hub to communicate securely to the apps that are not accessible publicly from VPC. Apart from this, you can utilize VPN Cloud Hub to connect with just remote sites. For instance, a customer/client could use the VPN Cloud Hub for VPN connections of remote site, only if each app is publicly available, and utilize other methods in order to offer secure access.
VPN Cloud Hub has Different Needs in Order to Start Working –

You can prepare a VPG and then attach VPG to the VPC
As you make a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connection for every remote site. To avoid a process step, you can make the CG (Customer Gateway) similarly
You can associate various CGS with same VPG
Remote websites should be utilizing public IP addresses

Besides, pricing of the VPN Cloud Hub varies as per the service provider.

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