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Virtual Server Backup

Virtual server backup is the copying of data stored on virtual server to protect each virtual machine's data against failure or loss. A virtual machine is created by virtually partitioning a physical server and the space thus formed is given its own set of dedicated resources like processing, memory, bandwidth, etc.

But as more "logical" cloud servers are consolidated into fewer "physical" computer systems, it's important to protect each virtual machines data against failure or loss. Virtual server backup is the process of backing up the data, application and operating system image of a virtual server within a virtualization environment, and is the key to achieving the objective of comprehensive data protection.

A virtual machine exists as a separate entity on a physical server and is treated and perceived as if it is physical. Data loss on a virtual server can be just as devastating for an organization as the loss of data on physical servers. It is therefore of utmost importance that every virtual server must be backed up as part of a company's backup regimen.

Virtual backups can be accomplished using conventional backup software. The backup software must be installed on each virtual machine, and backups will run normally to any conventional backup target.

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