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Let’s say you have purchased a VPS, a Virtual Private Server. There are a few VPS Security Essentials you would need to follow to ensure a safe and secure experience.

Why are these essentials required in the first place - is that what you are wondering? Well, you will be amazed to know that despite all the advancements in security, there is a solid growth in cyber-attacks by hackers.

Here are Some Security Measures:

• Access control- the administrators must set up usernames and passwords of all accounts that are used to manage it. Remote access must be removed of default admin accounts too.

• Firewall installation- set up a firewall that controls remote access and monitors traffic.

• Software updates- routinely check and install any and all available software updates to avoid any existing or new vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

• Strong passwords- ensure that complex passwords are chosen when creating user accounts.

• Secure file transfer- instead of ftp, use encrypted SSH for file transfer.

Apart from these, there are several other security measures you should deploy for a great VPS experience.

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