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Vue.js is a powerful library open source tool used for building modern web interfaces. It is licensed under the MIT license. Vue.js has a progressive framework. It is a JavaScript library which enables to build web applications using the model-view- view model architectural pattern. It is made up of core view layer, tools and libraries.

Vue.js has a beautifully simplistic API. It has a simple core with an extensively adoptable stack that can handle applications of any scale. It utilizes a virtual DOM, provides with a reactive view of components and maintains focus in the core library. Vue.js is completely capable of powering sophisticated single-page application when used in combination of modern tooling with the supporting libraries.

Some of the Basic Features of Vue.js are:

1- Component oriented development style
2- Lean and extensive core
3- Flexible transition effect System

Vue.js has a great performance and basically does a very good job. It is lighter, less-intrusive, requires no specific tooling and it plays incredibly with HTML. Vue.js is easy to grasp and is flexible. It allows you to decide your own architecture. Vue.js has an excellent documentation and a very simple framework.

Vue.js is a great option for a progressive component web framework. It is a light weight fronted framework. Vue.js creator and community are rapidly growing and it is making incredible progress. It easily creates single page apps without a lot of overhead which makes it much easier and powerful tool. The new version of Vue.js is released which is based on lightweight virtual DOM implementation which improves the initial rendering speed and makes it more flexible. Vue.js is a much better alternative as compared to larger frameworks like AngularJS. It is easy and refreshing to learn. Vue.js is filling gaps in the world of web development.

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