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Virtual Ram (Memory)

Virtual memory is an element of an OS (Operating System). The virtual memory is liable for the management of memory. In this, the Hard Disk (Physical Memory) will be dealt as the Random Access Memory (RAM) means Logical Memory. This means that with Virtual Memory help, a client can temporarily increase Logical memory’s size as from Physical Memory. A client will witness that every program is running in the PC’s Logical Memory. With Virtual Memory’s assistance, complete Hard Disk Space could be utilized as Logical Memory in order to provide a user or client a chance to perform numerous programs.
Benefits –

1- Not Used Address Space –

Along with not used Address Space assistance a client/user can execute numerous programs since all actual addresses should be treated as logical Addresses. Every program, given by client/user will be stockpiled in Disk Space and all programs be stored in the space of Physical Address; however, they will act as those programs are stored in the space of Logical Address.

2- Increased Multi-Programming Degree -

Through Virtual Memory, a client/user can implement a plenty of programs at the point of time, as most of the programs can easily be fit into the Physical Memory. However, storing more programs in the memory will not enhance the CPU response time means it will not make an impact on implementation of programs.

Decreased I/O Operations –

Less operations will be there that are used for executing the processes’ swapping. All programs will be automated means automatically loaded in the memory whenever required.

Although, make sure that complete programs are never copied in the Memory. This means that all programs will be clichéd in the pages’ form means the programs’ parts.

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