Organizations are increasing looking to secure their cloud account, because it makes good business sense. Customers would want to know that their personal data is safe and their financial transactions are secure. For Businesses opting for cloud hosting India, several options for securing their website exist. One of the most reliable methods for businesses relying on cloud hosting India is to use SSL encrypted website. 

Why SSL encryption

An SSL encryption offers customers the guarantee that their information is safe when transferring from their computers to your website. Savvy customers see SSL encryption as one of the topmost indicators of reliability when it comes to a business website. 

Trust and reputation form a major part of your business and you want to ensure that customer data remains safe on your website. This is one of the major reasons that companies choosing cloud hosting in India select the best type of security on offer. Cloud server in India is perfectly safe; with additional SSL certification, you can tell customers transacting business that your website offers the best opportunities with perfect safety. 

Depending on the account you have, basic features of SSL encryption when you choose cloud hosting India are as follows.

Valid for long durations

SSL certification lasts anywhere from one year to 5 years. This is a major boost for those who are looking to offer the guarantee of security long term. 

Compatibility with browsers

Gone are the days when the Internet Explorer was the only browser that people used. Users today are familiar with a variety of browsers, for computers as well as mobile devices. It is important to offer security that covers all different types of interfaces. Businesses need to factor in the customers who will be accessing the website through mobile devices. Therefore it is very important to use SSL certification that does not leave any browser out of the safety net.

Quick approval

When you can't afford to wait for days or weeks, quickly activated certification is a big boost for business. Many SSL certificates are issued in less than 5 minutes, and for other types of certificates, you might need to wait 3-4 business days. 

Disaster recovery - do you have a plan?

Unforeseen circumstances could shut down business and lead to loss of data. In addition to immediate loss of revenue this could also translate to loss of business reputation, lawsuits, and downgrading by insurance companies. You want to prevent these disasters, using the security solutions offered by those who provide your business a cloud server in India. Additionally, should an accident happen you want to be able to minimize or prevent losses. Your hosting service should be able to check the system for weaknesses and plug them. They should also offer a solid plan for what steps will be taken if something untoward should happen. 

For people who still have questions about cloud hosting services, it is always a good idea to use the online chats or email to have their questions resolved. You might want to call the toll free phone number to instantly communicate with a service provider representative, and find answers to your questions.