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Gibbon is a multi-user point of sale(POS) cash register that can be integrated on to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The POS can also be integrated with components for billing, inventory checking and accounting. The cash register software is suitable for both retail and online businesses.

Features of Gibbon:

1. The primary function of Gibbon is to create selling transactions for delivery at the cash desk.
2. Gibbon maintains the inventory accounting, produces daily cash register reports and all the payment transactions.
3. The Gibbon cash register functions include the daily tasks that occur at the cash desk in relation to wrong dispatches, returning items, stock taking and monitoring the online sales and generating reports.
4. The user friendly software can be configured and create different payment modes making it compatible to foreign systems and customize it to the local rules like any additional cess or tax that may apply to a particular location that may not apply to other regions.
5. The display can be easily shifted to any other language by loading the preferences.
6. Users can restrict access by configuring the web server and the SQL server creating levels of access to the others and creating GRANT rights. The employees can be given rights to use, modify, delete etc. The persons who does not have authority to delete can still use the program without rights.

The Gibbon software is developed using systems like phpShop, Interchange, Linux Kontor, SQL-Ledger and Gnu Enterprise. It is licensed and released under GNU General Public License (LGPL) and written in Perl, Gtk, Glade on Linux platform using the PostgreSQL database.

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