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GUI(Grafical User Interface)

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) refers to an interface via which a user is able to interact with any electronic equipment like a computer or any hand-held device as a smartphone. So, the GUI will essentially consist of a variety of menus, icons and graphics which will show information and there will be user controls. This is distinct from text interfaces where all commands will be in text form. So, the GUI will be manipulated using devices like the mouse or stylus or even touchscreen by the finger.
The need for this kind of an interface became pronounced since the first man-computer interaction was through a prompt called then DOS prompt. Commands used to be typed in by the user after this prompt and it was important to ensure that all spellings were accurate. So, the interface was quite cumbersome and to a large extent, even inefficient. The GUI is more user-friendly as it uses the computer’s graphic power to make easy-to-use programs. Users would no longer need to master complex command languages to be able to use a computer.

The more popular GUIs like Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh will have a pointer or a symbol showing on the screen which you may move to select a command. There is a pointing device like a trackball or a mouse to select objects. The interface will have icons which represent files, commands etc and when you press mouse button, the command gets executed. The display screen is the desktop where all icons are kept and windows refer to the different areas on your screen where you can run different files and programs. You can also change the size and shape of these windows and shuttle between them. Finally, GUIs will have menus which let you run commands.

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