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Git is one among the many source code management systems that are out there. It falls under the category of Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). It was initially made for Linux Kernel Development by Linux Torvalds. It tracks content, like files and directories, so that more than one person can work on the same project in a safe manner, without interfering with each other and the fear of losing any changes that have been made by a colleague.

With Git, the possibilities of collaborative projects are almost unlimited.

Git helps users that have been working and reworking on a particular project for a long time and have several different versions of the same. All these versions are saved in Git and the user can access each one easily. It is close to impossible to lose any part of a code.

Git does not use a lot of bandwidth and the user does not have to stay connected with the server all the time. They would need to connect when they have to push code once done. Its documentation is quite simple and easy to start with.

How Does It Work?

• It stores the content of the file in Binary Large OBjects (BLOBs).

• The folders are represented as trees.

• Each of these trees contains other trees (sub folders) and BLOBs, along with a simple text file.

• The text file contains name, mode, type, and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) of each blob and sub-tree entry.

• During repository transfers, GIT transfers the BLOB once and then expand it to different files, even if there are many files with the same content and different names.

• The project history is stored in a commit object. Each time a modification is made, it has to be committed. The commit file stores the comment, committer, author, and any parent commits that directly precede the modification. 

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