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Framework is designed with the aim to simplify the process of application development and to assist the developers to simplify their job and to achieve the best intended results. Grails is a very successful and useful framework system designed to support Java.

Grails is an open source framework which is freely available for use. It offers a very easy and user friendly setup process. Grails uses Apache Groovy programming language and is considered as one of the best framework available for Java.

Grails was called as Groovy on Rails in the very initial stage but was later on changed to Grails. The work on this framework began in July 2005 and its very first version 1.0 was released on 29th March 2006. The announcement of the release was made in early February 2006.

Grails is a Java framework which offers high potential and a consistent development process. It aims to create web based applications and offers an easy architecture for the use of Java.

Grails has the users who are Java and Groovy developers and it assists them with the development of the web application. It also offers a very rapid development cycle. Grails have various features which sets it apart from the other frameworks in market.

Grails inculcates Spring, Hibernate and SiteMesh. It does deal with no XML configuration which enables the process to become easier. It offers a very friendly and ready to function development environment. Grails also deals with offering the functionalities through mixins. It offers various classes and extremely dynamic ways or methods through mixins.

Grails has always been considered as high productivity framework. It is undoubtedly very powerful framework designed for Java platform and it also multiplies developer’s productivity.

Grails is often considered as a very good and ideal for medium and small sized projects. It is a wonderful framework which enables the user to use the same code for various actions.


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