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Web hosting has been around for ages now. The latest buzz-term in the market is Green Hosting. This term refers to hosts that put in active eco-friendly efforts that reduce the carbon footprint of hosting on the environment.

So How Do They Do That?

The first step such hosts take is using renewable resources to run or power the servers. These resources can be sunlight, wind or hydro power. Since fossil fuels are not utilized in the process of creating energy that’s used to run the servers and replenish-able energy resources are used, automatically green hosting
They also find and use means that offset the energy that’s used by the servers.

Why Do They Do That?

Protecting the environment is the major call of today. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of this aspect. Even users like to work with a company that’s environmentally aware. Thus, companies are now going more than ever for green technologies.

There is another factor in play here – when companies go for green sources of energy, they don’t have to pay through the nose for utilities. While there is an upfront cost related to setting up of renewable energy sources, the long term savings are enormous. This allows the company to recoup the initial investment and ultimately run on similar or at-par expenses.
Green hosting allows the company to also gain the customers’ trust and respect. More users like to associate to hosts that run on green resources. Several leading web hosts have turned ‘green’. Some examples of such hosts are: GreenGeeks, Dreamhost, Kualo Hosting, Hostpapa, and Fat Cow.

Some hosts go the extra mile and purchase three green units for every one they buy of conventional energy resources. GreenGeeks is one such example of a path-breaker green web host.

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