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Global File System

Global File System abbreviated as GFS, is a clustered form of file system that allows a cluster of computer to concurrently use a block device that is shared among them. Users with GFS mechanism can read and write to the block device like a local file system and also coordinate with their I/O with the help of computer system in order to maintain the file system consistency. Any changes performed to the file system on one computer will be immediately reflected on all other computer systems which are present in that cluster.

In modern terminology, global file system have combined cloud or any instance storage, file versioning and local caching to implement an individual, unified, globally accessible file system that does not rely to storage device, but instead serves files from local cache while maintaining the transparency of single file system where all meta data resides in the object storage.

GFS Boasts With Significant Advantages Listed Below:

- GFS ensure the ability to scale with the object storage.
- Use snapshots stored in the object storage for versioning process to replace backup.
- Build a centrally managed consolidated storage space to in the object storage.

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