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Green data center is a huge storage repository where the entire infrastructure is designed and built with the aim of ensuring optimum energy efficiency with a low adverse impact on the environment. The infrastructure includes the building structure, lighting, and every mechanical, electrical and IT systems. It also makes maximum use of the plants, trees, rainwater, and other renewable energy resources.

Data centers have been one of the primary reasons for the ecological imbalance as well as the cause of the ever-increasing power costs. The data centers are finding it difficult to meet the swelling electricity demands that the high-density servers are causing. They are surpassing the power capacity and unable to distribute more capacity to the building. Adding power to a data center has become the sternest challenge and they had to look for a lasting solution.

The savings in power consumption multiply the benefits. For instance, if a data center can save 2 watts of power, it will require that much lesser of cooling solutions which means a data center is able to get returns on their investments. Green data centers do more than save electricity consumption. They also bring down the inevitability of upgrading to high-costing infrastructure to match the necessities of the cooling and power demands.

Replacing physical servers can enhance the cost savings on energy and an equal amount of savings on the cooling solutions. Removing idle servers and moving on to virtual machines will reduce the need for physical machines will improve the efficiency of the other active computers.

It is important for every data center manager to deliberate over the concerns of increasing power demands and take some decisions quickly to review the infrastructure components and take viable steps for green data centers while understanding the long-term benefits it will yield monetarily as well as its positive impact on the environment.

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