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When you sign up for grid hosting, you can get grid computing power whereby multiple computers will work towards solving a single problem that may need help of many computing cycles. Grid hosting is therefore somewhat similar to cluster hosting and it ensures that when there are sudden traffic spikes and you need additional resources, you can get these and your site does not have to face down-times. So, with grid hosting, you will not have to take your website offline to get hold of more resources for traffic spikes.

Resources that a single machine can offer are likely to get exhausted eventually particularly if these resources must be shared among many users. So, grid hosting is far more flexible because your virtual site can use resources from more than a single machine within the cluster. This helps to increase site reliability and even if a single node in the grid fails to perform, the overall performance is not affected. This is because another node will take over unlike shared or dedicated hosting where the site must go offline in such a situation.

The virtual grid server is really a dedicated server which has some more benefits with it that are possible because of grid hosting. When you use grid hosting you can ensure an end to down-times because of server failure. When constant up-time is absolutely critical for your business and you need the backups from a group of servers and not only one, then grid hosting will work best for you.

Companies which started off with shared hosting plans have had to upgrade to dedicated hosting plans and other powerful hosting solutions later on. Every such upgrade means purchase of more hardware and recruitment of experts to carry out the migration. Data loss is a possibility as is downtime. But, with grid hosting, you can ensure a smooth change. You can start off with hosting plans like shared hosting and then as you grow, additional resources get added slowly. Such upgrades are not time consuming and you do not have to buy hardware or recruit experts for the task.

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