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Secure Shell (popularly referred to as SSH) is a cryptographic protocol that permits users to perform numerous network services over the unsecured network. It provide secured way of log in the server of using just a password. However, a password could be cracked with an attack, but SSH keys are almost impossible to crack by force.
Making a pair of SSH Key offer a long string of characters: private and public key. Public key can be placed on the server and post that unlocked it via connecting with client which possess private key. When two keys match up, system gets unlock without a password. Also, security can be increased by securing private key via passphrase.
As a few commands can be found in the tutorials too, you will witness some highlighted values. Variables should be substituted with your values.
Management of SSH Keys

It is vital that SSH key management should be correct as they often provide access to the digital assets. In addition, organizations tend to possess plenty of SSH keys. Even, Fortune 500 companies have millions of SSH keys. In spite of difficulty in managing these keys manually, having SSH key management system is constantly overlooked. The did digging and explored a company which had around 3 Million such keys 'that permitted access to the live production servers. About 90% of them were not yet used. 10% keys grant root access."

However, a good SSH key management system will provide excellent service, concerning the risk of security. The IT has lot of options of gaining control on SSH keys. One of them include SSH key management tool. Though, it means managing more platform along with SSP provider and directory service.

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