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A web server acts not only as a host but also the server. It plays a crucial role in bringing the web page to you. This is how a web server functions it checks your request for the page. After receiving the request it runs a security on the available HTTP and then fetches the desired page to you for your viewing.

Apache is web server which developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation and its development started early in the year 1995. The name Apache was selected out of respect for the Native American tribe called Apache who are famously known for their warfare strategies.

Apache was relicensed in January 2004 as under the Apache 2.0 license. It is freely available for everybody. Apache is open source software. Apache is considered to be based on NCSA HTTP. It is a well-known fact that Apache has been a considerable source of help in the initial growth and development of the World Wide Web which we know as www.

Apache has variety of features and it supports a lot of functions. It handles the communication with the website. The users request is handled with utmost care and it makes sure that the modules properly serve you as per your desired request. It also has the added feature which sets it apart is that it cleans memory, cache, modules making it very convenient for the user.

Apache also provides multi-processing modules which makes in dynamic in its approach. It is very easily customizable and is extremely flexible as per the need of various different environments with the use of a variety of modules and extensions.

WordPress generally and mostly use Apache as their web server software. It is unquestionably the most sought after and used web server software. Apache is secure, reliable, fast and efficient in catering to the user’s needs

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