The disruptive forces are in. Every known sector is getting leveraged by the advent of cloud computing. Even entertainment industry can’t hold itself to resist cloud adoption. Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies both big and small and across all geographies are capitalizing on these disruptive changes to carve fast-growing market for digital delivery of movies to the living room.

Changing Landscape of M&E Companies

Today’s digitally-driven end-users demand fast access to videos and related content so that they can watch and share content in their leisure time-- independent of their location or platform they use. They also have more choices than ever and want to buy digital content, which is readily accessible across Internet-ready devices and platforms. Above all, they want an always-connected ecosystem that does not bother them with annoying permissions, formats and protection. This is what pushing broadcasters to embrace avant-garde technology to manage digital content right from creation to storage and post production to delivery. It also allows them to fasten the pace of innovation. 

Cloud Computing in the M&E Horoscope 

Keeping pace with the changing face of digital content consumption using traditional broadcasting methodology is not possible in present economic scenario. Besides, accelerating the production and delivery cycle within the same cost limits is modestly NO with the out-of-date broadcasting techniques. The emergence of Over-the-top content (OTT) wherein the digital content (audio, video, and other media files) are delivered over the Internet without the involvement of multiple system operator for managing and distributing the digital content. OTT is changing the game of M&E industry. In order to avoid future complications and being left out – it is highly important to keep up with the digital change.

Here, cloud emerges as a silver-bullet solution, as it facilitates businesses with the resources to distribute, manage, protect and monetize all the digital content they produce. Adding more to it, the technology also equips media and entertainment companies to compete more effectively with agile entrants.

Key Driving Factors for Increasing Cloud Adoption in M&E Industry:

How M&E Industry Can Glean Value from the Buzzing Cloud

Cloud adoption provides some strategic benefits to the adopters – from increased collaboration to bolstered revenue cycles to agile distribution channels and markets. Companies gearing up for cloud have better prospects to grow than their counterparts.

Faster time to market: Leading cloud services provider media-focused, customized cloud hosting solutions to help global media and entertainment businesses to quickly deliver digital content in no time.

Cost Flexibility: Over the past few decades, broadcasters are under the knife to manage production and delivery of digital content within the same budget limits. Besides, the increasing content rights, outdated technologies, and escalating competition has fueled up the need for adopting a new technology, which is both economical and robust. Here, cloud computing helps M&E companies to convert fixed costs to variable one.

Scalability: M&E companies can leverage the large network of computing resources to handle surges in workload including live events and shows. Cloud’s scalability is unmatched as compared to other technologies as it provides an ability to quickly scale up and down the resources. On top of that, it eliminates the geographic constraints, boosts remote operation anytime from anywhere.

It is believed that the number of M&E companies adopting cloud will increase at a rapid pace. Early adopters will be able to improve, transform and create new value chains. Thus, if you still have not thought about cloud, it’s the right time to get started or else be ready to be in the list of obsolete companies.