As a start-up, it is less  possible to invest much in IT support. The solution to this has to be smart, efficient and effective along with virtually no time loss. At a time when tangibility is vast reducing, the scenario remains the same in the IT sector. Cloud computing has come forth as the magical wand to many a worries. Without getting into the technical know-hows, let us talk business.

Cloud computing has found its prominence owing to many benefits that it provides. It will be really appreciable for most of us if we concentrate on the result rather than the efforts. Cloud does the exact. The major requirement remains a greater bandwidth. The facility being a series of sophisticated hardware, bandwidth has never been an issue. The vast capacity of the different services has been one of the strong reasons for many of the organizations around the world to shift to cloud computing.

Second, data security has been a great concern in this fast virtualized world. Organizations and even countries remain haunted with the thought of data theft or any possible loss. A study enumerates that as many as eight hundred thousand laptops get misplaced from the airports around the world each year. Therefore, the data loss that may actually take place is no wonders. Cloud computing offers total security to the data it stores or handles. No matter which ever device is lost, the data can still be accessed with the other devices provided it had been synced with the cloud earlier. This further offers an option of working from anywhere in the globe. The cloud can be accessed from any point of the world through a net connection. So, mobility is multiplied many folds with cloud. Add the feature of almost total data control to that, the next decade that not many products to beat the cloud.

Cutting short it's  many other features, let's be specific of the concern that  the layman would be interested in. Yes, it is very cost effective and the moolah that needs to be shelled out is pea nuts compared to other options. There are many service providers of cloud computing that offer the services at competitive throw away prices. Another study claims that by 2014, small businesses around the world are expected to put in resources anywhere in the vicinity of 100 billion dollar on these services. Therefore, cloud computing has scaled our expectations as the Internet had done in the early 21st century. Let's wait and watch.