No other technology seems to have influenced the universe of IT and business in the recent past as much as cloud computing. Data intensive digital age has resulted in the huge influx of digital assets that need to be secured, stored, processed, and accessed by the modern enterprises through sophisticated devices with internet connectivity.

Management of data has undergone revolutionary changes due to cloud computing and contemporary cloud storage solutions now leverage smart measures that obviate use of expensive hardware including servers and other storage resources.

It is wrong to perceive cloud computing as just another craze because it not only holds immense potential to bring phenomenal change to the entire IT industry but can itself develop as an industry by itself. It is therefore interesting to learn how the technology of cloud computing can improve the economic future of the IT business.


Background of cloud computing

Rapid strides in cloud computing technology have resulted in amazing development of highly scalable and easily accessible cloud solutions. The origin of cloud can be attributed to point to point data circuit systems that were being used by telecommunications firms during early nineties.

This was obviously short of expectations and was further enhanced to support virtual private networks for delivering more effective and significantly cost efficient services. Cloud computing technology offered remarkable scope to enhance capabilities of data storage in addition to facilitate extremely versatile services to end users.

The effectiveness of cloud in delivering a wide range of services to consumers was appreciated and exploited by big players including Amazon and Google. There have been many improvement initiatives undertaken by these organizations for the same reason.

Technology improvements have transformed cloud hosting technology into a great resource for improving data storage and for delivering large array of services to end users. In fact, cloud must be attributed for spreading the huge benefits of IT across all other departments in addition to the IT department itself.

Most of the organizations in small and medium sectors have explored wide ranging benefits of cloud apps in variety of use cases. This has been possible due to the fact that utility of these apps has been appropriately understood by the contemporary work-force. 

Internet savvy employees are quick to pick up these apps o account of their easy transferability and compatibility with internet enabled devices including smart phones and laptops. In many instances the sheer usefulness of these apps has given rise to rise of shadow IT.  It will not be long before a majority of employees start accessing cloud enabled apps for accomplishing day to day tasks.


Versatile and Private

Cloud solutions have been able to significantly influence storage and sharing of data in number of organizations. In fact cloud computing has changed perception of how the data needs to be stored and collaborated in different business scenarios.

Modern businesses operate in a vulnerable environment that can lead to loss of data integrity or theft of the information. This is the reason why so many businesses are exploring private cloud options for handling critical information.

Private cloud hosting services are not only useful for management of mission critical information but can also gain greater flexibility to bandwidth, CPU, and RAM that is being offered. According to a reliable study conducted in 2013, as many as 65 percent organizations have either already adopted or are in the final stages of using private cloud solutions. This goes to prove that businesses are not only in the advanced cloud adoption stage but they are also exploring different capabilities of cloud for catering to their vital requirements of data security.

Cloud computing- the way forward

Spurred by the proliferation of internet ready mobile devices cloud computing is poised for a commanding position in the modern IT landscape and the overall marketplace. Cloud has been regarded as the most significant development in modern information technology. 

The entire tech industry is being empowered by cloud computing with its wide spectrum of feature-rich solutions. These state of the art tools are also driving growth of the tech industry.

According to reasonable as well as reliable estimates, the cloud industry can be explored to touch one trillion dollars in terms of its share in the nation’s economy. The real growth potential of cloud is far from being completely fathomed since the industry has been able to only exploit the tip of the iceberg.

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