Cloud computing has made a huge positive impact on the way a business runs. Earlier users were running their applications and saving their data on a physical server. With the emergence of cloud computing technology, same applications can be accessed through the Internet. The utility model of computing is available as a service, rather than a product-SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Advantages of Cloud Computing are:

-Self-Healing Infrastructure - Cloud infrastructure brings redundancy. Instead of being stored on a single dedicated or a common shared server, your data is saved on a cluster of servers. The cloud "self-heals" itself if and when required ensuring zero downtime for our website.

-High Scalability - It takes care of your fluctuating and seasonal demand without any disruption on your website. You do not have to pay money for setting up highly powered resources like CPU utilization, RAM, Process Power, etc. The cluster of servers will support your website at times of high traffic allowing you to leverage on pay-per-use model.

-Instant Deployment - The deployment happens instantly a lot of time.

-Disaster Recovery - Your data resides safe in the cloud and could be easily accesses from anywhere through internet. Data backup is safe within the multilayer of the cloud server. Cloud computing technology promises to keep data security threats at bay.

Because of the above mentioned unmatchable benefits, customers mostly prefer cloud computing over other services.