You are running a modern organization and operating in a highly complex business environment. The real question, though is whether your organization views cloud computing as the technology of the future or a sophisticated networking and industrial computing prospect only available to large corporations with deep pockets. Well, the times have been changing and how. Cloud computing fast growing popularity is primarily owing to its cost effectiveness making it ideal for small organizations who could not leverage the full potential of IT owing to the prohibitive cost of IT infrastructure, bandwidth, and manpower management and engineering resources among other things.

The primary objective of this article is to draw your attention towards those factors that will convince you that moving to the cloud is the need of the time rather than an exotic vocation only ‘big boys’ of the industry can afford. The article looks ta the ways and means by which enables a manufacturer to deploy cloud network for performing a variety of tasks like storing, sharing and accessing data over Internet.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing or cloud server hosting is evolving like never before with organizations of all shapes and sizes and operating in various industries across the globe jumping onto the cloud bandwagon. Industry experts opine that this trend is most likely to continue in near future where cloud computing is slated to grow and develop at a faster pace than it is now.

This is not hard to decipher as cloud hosting offered by reputable cloud server hosting providers offer a slew of advantages and benefits that is found lacking in traditional computing model. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this newer form of hosting is revolutionizing the way businesses as well as individuals consume IT services around the globe.

For businesses that have just set shop, quality cloud server hosting providers are nothing short of a gift from heaven. It levels the playing field for small players who do not have deep pockets as anybody with a good idea can start a business.

Cloud computing is more cost effective and accessible

Before the advent of cloud computing, setting up complex and expensive IT infrastructure was beyond the technical or financial capabilities of small and mid-sized organizations. Only big organizations could afford the cost associated with infrastructure set up, licensing, hiring and training manpower, in addition to put in place complex security mechanism in order to run enterprise wide applications. Moreover, continuously updating these complex structure to keep pace with the changing requirements was a constant challenge for organizations. The cloud to an extent have levelled the playing field for smaller players allowing them to harness the potential of this technology to achieve more powerful automation, better networking and a lot better security.

Technology that is making boundaries irrelevant

Boundary eliminating broadband and wireless communication is making its presence felt and in a big way.  Until recently the slow speed of the net as well as their high cost put them beyond the reach of a sizeable population. Things have undergone a major transformation with connectivity anytime and from anywhere facilitated by high-speed internet enabled hand held devices offering cloud resources on demand basis.

Cloud computing is environment is safe—and that is a fact

We can never think of allowing our business sensitive data to go on cloud for the obvious lack of security and privacy that is one of its festering sores. This misconception is though widely prevalent is totally unwarranted. Heightened security consciousness as should be the case when you entrust your mission critical data to private or public cloud, in reality is greatly misplaced. An organization may be reluctant to share manufacturing related on the cloud unaware of the fact that some of its other applications are already running on the cloud. Also, the use of unmodified IP, such as EtherNet/IP network, should also go a long way in alleviating any concerns you may be harboring of security breach on the cloud. Also, a worldwide community of engineers and developers working on an open source platform are fully focused on developing means of ensuring utmost data security on the cloud.

Onus is now on service provider to provide comprehensive security

The traditional manufacturing applications laid the entire onus of security on the manufacturer itself. The manufacturer was accountable for everything ranging from hardware, networking to software up gradation and installation and patching of operating system. Application deployment as well detection and removal of viruses was also the responsibility of manufacturer within a traditional organization setup. Cloud computing removes this burden to a significant extent by converting the infrastructure, cloud platform and software as services which can be purchased on-demand basis. This cost of purchasing these services is much more less than what an organization had to spend looking after its own security and developing IT infrastructure. The manufacture derives the value of cloud computing by making use of IT infrastructure provided by the service provider in addition to benefitting in other ways from their expertise.

Cloud computing impacts your operational cost and not your capital budget

Often the relation or difference between “cap ex” vs.“op ex” and the effect they have on organization’s resources are the central talking point within the organizational setup. Cloud computing allows you to turn your resources draining capital expenditure into something that is easier to justify as it is now within the realm of your operational budget.

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