Cloud computing has shown us the way to put the best of the IT world to our different uses. Much to our surprise, knowingly or unknowingly, all the people connected to Internet are cloud users. Taking cue from this fact, let us delve into how to put cloud to the best of our uses.

Cloud computing is a perfect concoction of different ideations and technology. But, first the advantages in brief:

-Cost effective: Of all the IT perceptions that have been put to work, the concept of cloud has been one of the most promising ones since the invention of Internet. It has drastically brought down the costs of having IT infrastructure. Rather, the options provided by cloud owing to its various models as per usage has opened a bevy of business models where individuals and businesses can choose services in accordance of their needs. For the sake of argument, let's suppose that one needs a computer to work upon but it is expensive for him or her to purchase one. If such a person gets to use a computer without investing any substantial amount but at a very nominal tariff, it can't be any better for him. Cloud does exactly that. We use it at a definitely minimal rate but get access to the technology for our usage without caring about the infrastructure.

-Reliability and Speed: The cloud technology is undergoing heavy research and development but the technology at place is highly reliable and fast. There are N numbers of technical reasons for such scalability but for a layman, the access to internet is all one needs to take full advantage of the technology without compromising on the speed.

-Selection and Usage of devices: Cloud computing has opened put forth the much required mobility to businesses. Earlier a company executive on a holiday would half of the time crib about the amount of job he might be missing while being the vacation and how he would have to slog the extra hours to manage the back log. Those worries are now the past of the history. Cloud computing provides the ultimate mobility and a user can view the required files from anywhere in the globe through multiple devices, for eg. a smart phone.

-Location: There are no geographical constraints in cloud computing. An infrastructure established in Europe can very well provide service to a client in India and that too with no qualms at all. Therefore, the world which was put to globalization is actually reigning the term through cloud computing.

But how would these apply to various businesses and individuals? Cloud computing offers an array of combinations, which would leave any group, organization or individual to choose the best choice suiting him or her. There are various models which are defined for specific sets of requirements. The only formality that remains between the service provider and the client is the choice of product which can be decided only when the usage is chalked out well. In any conditions, until this day, since its inception, cloud has been doing more good than it ever intended. So now, the only question that needs the thread of thought is what is expected out of the service, i.e. the analysis of the requirements. With cloud computing at everybody's disposal, rest all will be a cake walk.