The confidence of cloud computing is taking the corporates through a rage. The service providers have now got into a much expected price war. Google, Apple, Dropbox-you name it and they are more than willing to accommodate you within less than your budget. Strategy analytics have claimed that as of now, Apple rules the US market share with a 27% mark. With such a mark, Dropbox, Amazon and Google are lagging behind with 17%, 15% and 10% of market shares. Hence, the competition is neck break and each of these corporates is pumped up to take on the other.

The organizations are trying to trip the others with marvelous offerings. While recent market shelves indicate that Google is coming up with 100 GB storage facility which is not even available with the Apple's product chart, the rates that Apple is offering look lucrative enough. Recent studies have found that few notches less than 60% of the American citizens do not use cloud computing and most of the users know it better as a music storing facility. Although the market shares portray a different view, trade analysts have put Google as the winner with its overtly smooth services. The American honcho does experience break-downs as it did few days earlier, but the same is rectified within a very short time interval. However, given the popularity it shares in the world, such outages will not be taken well by the users.

Coming back to the green sheet theories, studies have found that the cloud computing business will grow thrice in comparison to its 2008 numbers by 2014. The industry which was pegged at a humble 46 billion dollar in 2008 is set to outnumber the score of 150 billion dollar by 2014. It further shares that around a quarter of the thousand multi-national companies will be using cloud computing for their various requirements including internal and external. The next few months will be watched over for the pricings will depend on a number of factors. On-demand pricing, Flat billings, On-Spot required services, Resource Acquisitions etc. all will count in the decisions over the preference of the service providers.

The current trend shows that much of the cloud hosting services, majorly the free parts are being used for putting up music files, family memories photographed, project works and more of the non-corporate stuff. Gradually, the precedence will be taken over by the office spaces. The concept is at an instance when the corporates are getting used to the goodness of the cloud. They need to be cautiously convinced of the salient features that prevail in the cloud products. This way the services will soon claim their actual use over time. So, when majority of cloud computing is being used for storing music all over the world, the preludes to corporate price wars seem to gain the expected momentum.